Meteorology and climate are two of the main forcing phenomena affecting agriculture at very different temporal and spatial scales. Here go some of the interMET services that might help you with your project:

In-situ observation

We can install specific designed monitoring devices for agriculture applications like: potential evapotranspiration calculation, PAR sensors,  soil temperature and humidity probes, leaf temperature sensors, CO2 and H2O eddy covariance flux systems,  along with standard meteorological parameters. We know how to take care of the details.


Precise and specific for your meteorological forecast application  for programmed harvesting, fumigation, irrigation and other activities. A precise forecasting will save resources.

Climate forecasting

You might wonder how will be the future conditions of your region and how it is expected to affect your crops.

Research and development

Research on the impact of meteorology on the production and management of the crop. Meteorological risk assessment, climatic analysis, climatic risk assessment.

Data analysis

Complex data analysis that will help you to find the phenomena that is behind your production.


Satellite imagery might give you a valuable perspective on your crops.


If you have a reliable evaluation of the conditions of your crop, then you might be interested in modeling certain aspects of its dynamics.