CONTAMINACION_color_c.pngAir Quality and Greenhouse Gases


Meteorology is a key factor on the emission, dispersion and deposition of air pollutants. interMET has experience in several activities related with air pollution such: in-situ meteorological observations, dispersion modeling, boundary layer modeling and measurement, air quality networks auditing, siting criteria and quality assurance programs.

Regarding greenhouse gases, we have a broad experience in the carbon cycle with eddy covariance CO2 and H2O systems and inside caves CO2 cycle monitoring.

Relating these areas of application we can offer:

Micrometeorology measurement, wind profiling, temperature profiling, sonic anemometry, passive air quality samplers.

Modeling the disspersion characteristics of the atmosphere, XOQDOQ, gaussian plume modeling, CALPUFF, CALMET and WRF.

Data analysis of air pollutants like O3, NOX, NO, CO, PM10, PM2.5 and others.

Calculation of regulated thresholds for main air pollutants, statistics and reports.

Weather regimes and their relation with air quality

Forecasting of air quality

CO2 monitoring at underground, inside cave monitoring

Long term CO2 background concentrations analysis