Some of interMET staff background is related with education. We have participated at several masters and university degree education programs teaching physics, renewable energies, solar radiation and meteorological instrumentation.

We have participated at some programs that included transfer of know how, demostrations at schools, universities and other forums.

If you have an education project we offer:

Short courses (8 hours)

Introduction to Meteorology and Climate Course for Professionals, Meteorological Applications (Renewable Energies, Agriculture, Meteorological Risks, Forecasting and Communication, Climate Change, Climate and Environment.

Advanced courses (24 - 72 hours) 

Measuring Techniques for Wind Resource Assessment, Mountain Meteorology, Meteorological and Climate network design and management, Statistical Analysis.

Conferences and expert communications 

Atmospheric Automatic Measuring Techniques, Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Meteorological Networks, Mountain Meteorology, Analysis of Meteorological Time Series