There is a strong connection between hydrology and meteorology. Having a good assessment of the precipitation fields in an area is crucial for hydrological management. Also, assessment of other meteorological variables seem important such: temperature, wind, radiation. These and other meteorological variables govern hydrological processes like snow melting, evaporation, sublimation or acrecion.

Hydrological processes are very complex. interMET as specialist on meteorological  observation and modelling could be helpful to your project by:


Installing high quality hydrometeorological automatic stations.

Interpolation and gridded data

Interpolating the point measurements from a automatic weather station to a domain in order to get gridded data that can be grouped in basins.


Modeling the processes that govern precipitation, snow precipitation, evaporation and other physical processes.

Data analysis

Analyse data in order to characterize the climatology, climatic variability and trends.

Analyse radar data and development of precipitation maps.


Development of forecasting tools specific for hydrology: flash flood, gota fría.
Providing seasonal forecasting: droughts, wetter seasons, etc.


Simulatations  of orographic precipitation, snow precipitation and water balance.

Synoptic and local connections

Analysis of connections between synoptic scale and local scale, atmospheric rivers, frontal systems, storms, convective precipitation, etc.