IMASD_color_c.pngResearch & Development


Research and Development is in our DNA. Some of us have a scientific career (PhD) and understand the scientific method. We are willing to participate at research projects at very different levels: services and equipment provider, partner or stakeholder.

We are able to install, maintain and operate scientific quality systems with the higher standards of quality and traceability.

Many of our installations were for the scientific community and have been fundamental for the consecution of peer review publications and international programs success. We are able to develop at the edge measuring and acquisition systems and prototypes.

We are able to apply the most recent analysis techniques and we are not afraid of admitting the Socratic paradox.

If you have a research project, interMET can help you with:


Partner search, proposal elaboration and coordination, potentiation of synergies.

Coordination and communication

Coordination and communication of the consortium, including web platform design, management and project logistics (conferences, workshops, group dynamics for scientific discussion).

Design, installation and maintenance

Installation of on-the-shelf sensors and adqusition systems following your particular requirements to its technical limit; development of sensors, integration of sensors, data adqusition systems, telecommunication system, special powering sources; design and development of functional prototipes.

Analysis and modeling

Man power with analysis of data, modeling, results discussion and presentation at conferences or workshops.

Patent management

Patent management, copyright and copyleft.

Diffusion of results

Publications, books, leaflets, animations and audiovisual products.