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With an excellent trajectory with our projects and after a deep evaluation of our systems, procedures, professional competences and environmental commitment, interMET  Sistemas y Redes S.L.U. got accreditation on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 for the activity: “Design, installation, maintenance and management of meteorological and environmental networks, systems and services”.

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# The objective of this project was to have a rugged, compact housing for scientific quality meteorological sensors, data logging and telecommunication equipment. This housing should be easy to install and make minimum impact on the environment: no fences, no civil work and low visual impact.

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# Our meteorological networks ussually have had spring, winter and fall as the “hot” season since it is when most interesting meteorological phenomena ocurrs at midle latitudes. Mostly of our skills and experience was earned to deal with winter related technical problems. For this network, it was the opposite. Wild fire risk is higher in late spring, summer and early fall, so concentration needs to be kept high all the year round.

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