What services do we offer?


We can help you with your project in many ways:

  • Thorough analysis of your needs;
  • Realistic estimation of the available resources;
  • Appropriate design of the systems you need;
  • Professional implementation by experienced staff;
  • Maintaining a supportive and close work relationship, creating sinergies;

Observe the atmosphere fecha_derecha.png Understand the processes fecha_derecha.png Asess/Predict

Your future project might be in one of the stages of this chain: Observe Understand Control.

interMET can offer you its know-how and help you with your project in those areas you do not feel confident and will take a lot of time to succeed. This way you can concentrate on your expertise. We can take care of the completeness of your time series just like it was ours, we can develop for you a forecasting tool and run in a routine basis so you can use your time to take the decitions. We drive far to take care of your network while you and your team do the research and concentrate on the results.