Cooperation Project with UCAD-Dakar TROPA-UCM (Senegal)


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As part of the corporate social responsibility and development program (CSRDP) of the company, interMET has been since 2011 cooperating with the Laboratoire Physique de l’Atmosphère et de l’Océan, Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique, Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Senegal (LPAO-SF) and UCM research group TROPA ( providing equipment, technical support and consulting services in order to take their meteorological observation capabilities a step forward.

We consider that in-situ observations are gaining prominence in the last years specially at these areas less monitored like Sahel. We consider this area strategic for future developments, and it is a good opportunity to experiment special conditions for equipment, sensors and working teams in case new market options open in the future.


For the academic parts (UCAD and UCM) involved in this cooperation, the objectives are:

  • conduct surface meteorological measurements at new sites;
  • perform upper air observations;
  • concentrate all the information in a data server and disseminate information;
  • train personnel for management, preventive and corrective maintenance;
  • conduct research activities with the new measurements available;
For interMET the objectives are:
  • acquire new competences through field work in Sahel;
  • open new markets and show potential clients our high commitment standard ;
  • experiment new sensors and methods for very special conditions;
  • contribute to the company social responsibility and development program;


Our contribution to this UCM-UCAD-interMET cooperation has been done mainly in the framework of several "Universidad Complutense de Madrid Cooperation Program" calls. interMET was co-funder of projects except last mission, which was 100% funded under interMET-CSRDP. We are open to accept other contributions (manufacturers, ongs, etc).

  • Call VIII (2011), "Creación y donación de un modelo estadístico de predicción de lluvias en el Sahel", (interMET cofounds 12% of the project)
  • Call X (2013) "Cooperación con el LPAOSF-ESP de Dakar (Senegal) para la mejora de sus actividades de formación e investigación así como de sus capacidades tecnológicas", (interMET cofunds 9.4% of the project).
  • Call XII (2015) "Continuación de la Cooperación en Investigación, Educación y Desarrollo Tecnológico con el Laboratorio de Física de la Atmósfera y el Océano Simeon Fongang de la Universidad Cheik Anta Diop de Dakar". (interMET cofunds 7% of the project).
  • interMET CSRDP 2017. "Preventive and Corrective maintenance of LPAOSF meteorological network." (interMET funds 100%)
interMET has been performing the following tasks at UCAD:
  • Installation of surface meteorology monitoring stations.
  • Installation of a aerosol monitoring LIDAR
  • Installation of a data server with radio data downloading
  • Training of local staff for preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Consultancy and added value services.
  • Offshore technical activities.


All these missions have been very fruitful and their results can be summarized with the following milestones reached:

  • One server at LPAO-SF acting as concentrator of data connected to internet and to monitoring sites through radio link and serial port communications. All software for data acquisition and analysis installed and running.
  • One meteorological observation site at UCAD (Dakar) focused on precipitation monitoring. The station is connected to central server through radio link.
  • One meteorological observation site at GOREE (Goree Island) focused on coastal wind measurement. The station is connected to central server through radio link.
  • One LPAO-SF stock LIDAR for aerosol profiling installed and operative on the roof of lab.
  • One course on Meteorological Observations and Methods given to LPAOSF master students and several documentation and operation notes for maintenance of the network.
  • Training of personnel for operation and maintenance of the instrumentation
  • Several tools and spare parts for maintenance.
  • Important discussions with LPAO-SF and LMI members about measuring objectives, measuring strategy and future lines of collaboration.
  • We would like to keep this kind collaboration in the future like involvement in ECLAIRS2 program or similar. We are also open to explore other ways of collaboration like scientific advising, sponsoring and work package assignment.